Monday, December 25, 2006

Crucible Holiday Sales $$

No doubt X'MAS is a good day to catch up on writing because there is nothing else better to do. Yes, I would like to talk about the Crucible holiday sale 2006. I earned $125 selling hand-made pottery ($40 are contributed from sympathetic friends and coworkers.) I am still in awe of the excitement of being able to participate in an event like this. Some of the items I love so much that I feel glad they didn't sell. A couple of my creation found good homes and people who genuinly like them. Some of the pieces ain't so luck; I'm still quite upset at the woman who only bought the big Blue Blue Checker (see previous posting in archive) but not his bother. I don't think my dear Blue Blue Checker bowl will last very long. Sigh...

Here is a list of items I sold:
1. Dip me in Chocolate (set of 2)
2. Big Blue Blue Checker
3. Soda Fired Salt & Pepper Shaker
4. Porcelain "My Home" vase
5. Mini Salt & Pepper Shaker in persimmon glaze
6. Originally, Milki's tea cup with black underglaze (gladly, Mark has it now)
7. Raku rice bowls (set of 3)
8. Raku plate (with a crack, and I didn't take a photo of it.)
9. One pair of earrings (jewelry always sells...)

Anonymous Four

I'm not going to tell you what have happened to these four yet. Their fate has been sealed when they were fired in kiln, and subsequently, at the Crucible art sale. This photo was taken when they are still in their purest form, even before the first bisque fire. There is this timeless feeling and touch to the 4 unfinished vases. At least, this is my perception. The anonymous four humming quietly in my bathroom, waiting for their debut. Some have happy endings and some don't, just like real lives.