Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nine Sons of Dragon

Baxia, photo taken in Gulin, China.


"Dragon has nine sons, each is unique, but without the full form of a dragon."

A reckless and adventurous dragon whose image can be found decorating the eaves of palaces.
Valiant and bellicose; his image is seen on sword-hilts and knife hilts.
Chiwen likes to gaze into the distance and his appearance is often carved on pinnacles.
Baxia is a good swimmer and his image decorates many bridge piers and archways.
Pulao is fond of roaring and his figure is carved on bells.
Bixi is an excellent pack-animal whose image appears on panniers.
Qiuniu loves music and his figure is a common decoration on the bridge of stringed musical instruments.
Suanmi is fond of smoke and fire; his likeness can be seen on the legs of incense-burners.
Jiaotu is as tight-lipped as a mussel or a snail. His image is carved on doors.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Muscle Memories

Any good athlete is required to have flawless muscle memories, without it, one will lost his/her precision in performing to a sport’s perfection. Muscle memories have been mentioned fairly often in the past few days, ever since the opening of 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Throwing vessels on a potter’s wheel also requires muscle memories. For formal ceramic students who have gone through rigorous trainings, cylinders, bowls, and plates, the three basic forms, are to be made repetitively. Perfection and precision are expected, and these values do not come without muscle memories.

In pottery class, we train our muscles to remember a certain posture, a certain movement, a certain pressure exerted. With these memories, one would be able to produce high quality pieces, effortlessly, and timely.

Before I start doing pottery again, I didn’t know I was actually starting myself on a new sport. I have to say, my back hurts, and my muscles do not have good memories. Yet, I love it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

V-Day Pillow Fight

I thought I need anger management, and maybe I was wrong. A friend invited me to the famous SF pillow fight on V-day, and I have to say there are a number of people who need anger management more than I do. Public pillow fight is like a mini Halloween in SF, and you get to see people fight with different techniques. Though I was classified as the passive aggressive type, I definitely had no problem hitting strangers with my pillow. Feathers and pillows everywhere. I enjoy this image forever in my head. By the way, I am glad birdflu has not spread to N. America; otherwise, I would think twice before going to a feathery place like this.