Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pottery Wheel Maintenance

It came to my attention that many people probably land on this page looking for a REAL pottery wheel maintenance guide. I myself from time to time run into wheel problem too. There are cases where the wheel pedal is too sensitive; the speed is not consistence; the wheel is making loud noise at high speed; and at one time, the electric cord seemed to leak power, and I got a mild electric shock while turning the wheel off (luckily, I didn't die from that...) I found some simple guidance regarding taking care of your pottery wheel from Here it is:

Step 1:
Clean up well, after every session, as clay gets everywhere. Clay is easiest to clean up while still wet, so try to make wheel cleaning a part of your normal maintenance routine. Pay special attention to the small space between your wheel mount and the spinning tray.

Step 2:
Wipe excess clay from the pedal of your pottery wheel when you notice that it is building up. A dirty pedal can be difficult to control and can lead to the destruction of your projects.

Step 3:
Listen to the motor of your pottery wheel; it should be almost silent. If you begin to hear humming noises, it's time for a good cleaning and oiling. Clay dust can build up inside the motor after a long period of use. Your local pottery supply shop should be able to tune up and maintain your motor for a reasonable price.

Step 4:
Cover your pottery wheel with a sheet or drop cloth, if you won't be using it for awhile. During prolonged periods of inactivity, you should plug in the wheel and work the pedal a bit, every month or so, to keep the motor maintained.

Step 5:
Unplug your pottery wheel, or turn it off if you have an on/off switch, when it is not being used.