Sunday, March 05, 2006


Project Name: Confusion
Clay Type:
Stoneware Sleeper

Window Clear, Leslie's black undergalze (cone 10)

This piece is again done in sleeper stoneware clay, fired to cone10. The black imprints are made from a paint roller with specific pattern carved out. The diffused black underglaze, under window clear glaze, looks fuzzy, yet unique. I wonder if this piece is a break through of my existing work.

Its sister piece awaits to be fired next week.

Blue Blue Checker

Theme Name: Blue Blue Check
Clay Type: B-Mix (cone 10)
Glaze: New Blue, Leslie's blue underglaze, C.Ball Turquoise Blue, Window Clear

Blue checker bowls. This is the shape I have been practicing in the past few months. I added 1x1 square to each of the rice bowl for decoration. Squares and checkers are the theme of this project. I am experimenting adding decorative pieces to my work. I think they turned out okay, but I am not overwhelmingly satisfied with the look. The interior C.Ball Turquoise blue is one of my favorite glaze so far.

Tea Time

Project Name: Tea Time
Clay Type: Stoneware Sleeper (high fire)
Glaze: Green Celadon, Green Oribe, Waxy white, iron oxide (cone 10)


The trio tea set is made of white sleeper clay. The clay body is very similar to porcelain, soft and smooth, hard to control in throwing, comparing to recycled clay. Nature is the dominant motif in this project, presented by sun, water spiral, and mountain carved on each piece. The choice of glaze reinforces the theme, with light green celadon on the outside, oribe green in the inside, and ocean blue glaze as a result of waxy white overlaying oribe green. The carved symbols are washed with iron oxide prior to applying the glaze. This is a cute and lovely set. I hope it could be inspirational.


Theme Name: Scars
Clay: recycle mixed clay (high fire)
Glaze: matt black, matt white, clear clay, black underglaze

Item 01: Surface Scar


This is the first piece made for theme "Scars". It's a representation of emotional scars people bare in the duration of lives. Some of the scars never heal; some of the scars are more visible than others. Nevertheless, our internal wounds and scars define who we are, and how different we are from one another. This is the first piece made for this theme.