Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rome, Italy (Fall 2006)

10 Things I remember Rome the most:
  1. cobblestone is slippery.
  2. It's a million dollar moment to see an old face in Rome when you are soaked in rain and had no dinner.
  3. Shoes and leather goods are indeed cheaper and higher in quality in Italy.
  4. A woman can spend her entire life's saving in no time.
  5. Once Italians know you better, they are very passionate and friendly.
  6. Traffic and air pollution is not as bad as some have described, especially if you live in Asia before.
  7. gypsies and pickpockets don't function very well when the weather is bad.
  8. You can bargain with shop owners the Asia way. Italians are very much like Chinese in this regard. Calculators, hand gestures, and you got a deal!
  9. "Professor" who works at the conciege desk in InterContinental Roma is actually a very warm person if you tell him you remember him from 3 years ago. He opens up to you right away.
  10. You need quick eyes and sharp elbows when outlet shopping in Rome. Roudtrip taxi ride would cost you an arm and a leg to begin with.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Just when i thought all the childish ideas were gone, something like this came out of my mind and hand without warnings. The child in me came out and danced with my fingers. "What a surprise", I said to myself. "It has been a long time!"

I found pure joy when making this little clay puppy. I designed it on paper first; however, I usually don't expect the final product to be like the initial draft. This one comes fairly close to its original design. I love the cuteness of the piece, but I am afraid it won't survive through the first bisque firing. Tail, neck, and ears, are fragile parts of this clay animal.

The little puppy is bone-dry now, but it is too precious for me to send it to the kiln yet. Things from childhood don't often make into the real world.