Sunday, July 23, 2006

Soda Fire

Project: Basic Salt & Pepper Jars
Clay Type: White Sleeper (cone)
Glaze: None (soda kiln)


Soda firing, like salt firing, is one type of vapor firing. The piece I have here didn't have any glaze on and was fired in a soda kiln. The final look of the piece is this clean semi rough (like an orange-peel) surface. Without a close look, some may think the piece has not gone thru its glaze firing yet. Salt and soda kiln produce effects ranging from the characteristic orange-peel texture covering the entire external area or partial flashing. The result usually depends on many different factors: the way a kiln is packed, the amount of soda is applied, and the amount of vapor produced. According to a fellow blogger's article, soda firing was first introduced in Germany in the 13th century. However, many believe that the technique was already around since ancient time. This is the first time I have a piece fired in soda kiln. I would like to see what a difference soda firing would make if there is glaze to interact with soda. However, in the meantime, I like to know there is an alternative for glaze firing, when I feel lazy to glaze.